TEAM UP is a one-of-a-kind initiative improving access to high-quality, evidence-based, integrated pediatric behavioral health care in under-resourced communities. TEAM UP spans promotion, prevention, and treatment for behavioral health issues; it serves children from birth through young adulthood; it has demonstrated positive outcomes on children and families, the clinical workforce, and system-wide utilization and cost.

The Challenge

1 out of 5 Children experience a mental health issue
11 years average delay in proper diagnosis
Only 20% of children with mental health issues receive treatment from a mental health professional.

The Solution

Comprehensive Integrated Behavioral Health Care for Pediatrics

TEAM UP is an 8-year, $22M initiative to build the capacity of pediatric primary care to deliver high-quality, evidence-based integrated behavioral health care to children and families.

TEAM UP Interactive Data Dashboard

Data at your fingertips! Keeping you up to date on innovation in integrated behavioral health care with aggregated, de-identified data on the reach of the TEAM UP Model. Updated Monthly!

TEAM UP Dashboard

Early Childhood Developmental Milestones

Watching your baby grow!

For parents, caregivers, and professionals in supporting and tracking their child's development. Available for ages 1 month - 4 years in 10 languages!

Open Access Data

TEAM UP is committed to making our data and research findings freely available to enable others to use and build upon this knowledge - subject only to the requirement to attribute and sharealike under Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International license.

Permission for Using TEAM UP Materials

TEAM UP is committed to collaborating with others doing pediatric behavioral health integration work.

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Internship Opportunities

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