Learning Community

Both transformation domains (Transform Care and Strengthen Foundations) are supported by the TEAM UP Learning Community, which provides clinical training tailored both to specific roles (PCPs, BHCs and CHWs) and the care team as a whole, as well as practice transformation in the form of a data-driven Continuous Quality Improvement (CQI) framework with technical assistance.

Clinical Training is designed to expand knowledge in core areas of pediatric behavioral health. All members of the care team meet to discuss cases and build knowledge as a team and apply new skills to think through clinical processes together. This is accomplished through a self-paced e-course, case discussion in collaborative office rounds, and interactive in-person sessions. Additional role-focused training activities build specialized skills for BHCs and CHWs working in the integrated primary care setting.

Practice Transformation applies a quality improvement framework to collectively set goals, plan transformation activities, and monitor our progress across the Learning Community. Health centers receive technical assistance to ensure successful implementation and longterm sustainability of the model. The Learning Community comes together periodically to share our learning and celebrate our successes, always with an eye to building the field of expertise in integrated pediatric primary care through ongoing impact analysis, refining of the TEAM UP model, and dissemination of our work.

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