BRANCH (Building Resilience And Nurturing CHildren) is a brief trauma-informed, extended screening and assessment intervention developed for integrated behavioral health clinicians who practice in primary care pediatric settings. This report provides a summary of BRANCH’s development and implementation during the period of September 2017-May 2020.

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TEAM UP presents at the AcademyHealth 2020 Annual Research Meeting

Members of the TEAM UP team presented three bodies of work at the Academy Health 2020 Annual Research Meeting. Click here to view and download.


TEAM UP Transformation Model Explained: CHW Version

Click here to download a version of the TEAM UP Transformation Model with callouts detailing discrete activities completed by Community Health Workers (CHWs) in each domain of the model.

TEAM UP Statement

TEAM UP Statement

In the last several weeks, we have witnessed the deaths of George Floyd in Minneapolis, Breonna Taylor in Louisville, and Ahmaud Arbery in Brunswick. These deaths are not isolated incidents, but rather a continuation of the racist violence perpetuated against Black people for centuries.

TEAM UP for Children joins in the call for justice and respect for Black lives. We will stand united with communities of color to dismantle structural racism and oppression and to condemn white supremacy in all its forms.


TEAM UP: Adapting Integrated Behavioral Health in the Time of Coronavirus

Integrated behavioral health at community health centers, hinging largely on in-person care, pivots to function within the confines of the pandemic. Read the full article on BMC's HealthCity platform.

TEAM UP for Children Initiative

TEAM UP for Children Initiative Adds Four Massachusetts Health Centers to its Pediatric Behavioral Health Program

TEAM UP for Children (Transforming and Expanding Access to Mental Health Care in Urban Pediatrics), a model of integrated pediatric behavioral health care, today expanded its program to four additional federally qualified health centers in Massachusetts. TEAM UP seeks to improve early identification of behavioral health problems and provide a full complement of preventative and treatment services to children and their families. 


Overcoming Barriers to Behavioral Health Integration in Pediatrics Through Co-Development

The evaluation leads for TEAM UP discuss their novel approach to implementing and evaluating an initiative to transform pediatric behavioral health. Read the full article on BMC's HealthCity platform.


BRANCH: Supporting Families to Help Young Children Thrive

A new model builds capacity in pediatric primary care to foster healthy attachment and provide support to caregivers experiencing stress and trauma. Read the full article on BMC's HealthCity platform.


Integrated Behavioral Health in Pediatric Primary Care: 'You're Treating the Kid, but the Family Is the System'

TEAM UP pushes pediatric behavioral health integration out into the community. Read the full article on BMC's HealthCity platform.


Permission for Using TEAM UP Materials

TEAM UP is committed to collaborating with others in the pediatric integrated behavioral health care field. We support the work of others to use and build upon our knowledge base. Please contact: for permission to use any of our materials.

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