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TEAM UP for Children Transformation Model

The TEAM UP Model™ is an innovative approach to addressing pediatric behavioral health issues at the community level. The model utilizes a fully integrated, multidisciplinary care team of behavioral health clinicians, community health workers, and primary care providers focusing on promotion, prevention, early identification of emerging behavioral health issues, and swift access to behavioral health care. TEAM UP creates a Learning Community with in-depth, ongoing clinical training and practice transformation, technical assistance, and an evaluation arm to prove and improve the model.


You may also download the Transformation Model (PDF) and the Model Description (PDF).


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Clinical Training Explainer (PDF)Practice Transformation Explainer (PDF)


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TEAM UP Transformational Model

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TEAM UP is committed to collaborating with others in the pediatric integrated behavioral health care field. We support the work of others to use and build upon our knowledge base. Please contact: teamupforchildren@bmc.org for permission to use any of our materials.

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