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Data Collection Process: Each TEAM UP community health center shares their aggregated, de-identified electronic medical record data with TEAM UP. The data are then compiled and put through our data visualization software to create these interactive figures.

Key Terms:

  • CHC: Community Health Center
  • Well Child Visit (WCV): Routine visits for comprehensive preventive health services that occur when a baby is young and annual visits until a child reaches age 21. Services include physical exam and measurements, vision and hearing screening, and oral health risk assessments1.
  • Behavioral Health (BH) Visit: An appointment with a behavioral health clinician specifically to address behavioral health-related concerns.
  • Completed Screen with an Identified BH Issue: During WCVs, patients are screened for behavioral or developmental health concerns. A positive screen indicates that the patient may have a behavioral health concern.
  • Telehealth: This indicates that an appointment was completed virtually, such as through a telephone, computer or tablet.




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